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Knitting With Balls : A Hands-On Guide To Knitting For The Modern Man

June 12, 2009


I admit it, I opened up and had a look at Knitting With Balls : A Hands-On Guide To Knitting For The Modern Man by Michael del Vecchio (2008.  ANF 746.432041 DEL).  I did it in the privacy of my office so was not observed flipping through the pages and marking projects I might like to make.

The projects are basic but include a couple I might try.  Who does not need a beer cozy to keep their beer cold and their hands warm (and dry from condensation).  Or maybe the felted travel bag to keep all those bits together in your luggage.

Apparently, manly men knit quite a bit during the First and Second World Wars, and surgeons took up the craft to keep their fingers supple, and would you believe that cowboys knit their own socks while tending the herd.  Imagine the Marlborough Man with knitting needles instead of a cigarette.  That might have changed the course of history.

Male or female, if you need a good starter guide with sweaters, scarves and socks to make, this is it.  Sit out and knit a bit. 

Find this book in the Library’s catalogue

Taken with permission from Gloria Novak’s “Good Reads at the Library”.

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  1. Gloria Novak permalink
    November 29, 2009 11:38 am

    I find the phrase ‘social changes will come along’ to be very thought-provoking. I do feel that the more we can do for ourselves the more confidence in our own powers we will have. As a society, I hope that this can lead to a lessening of the lemming-like society we seem to have now where people follow a leader without knowing where that leader is taking them and what the consequences might be. Ultimately, thinking for ourselves is always a good thing, and every little thing that takes us one step closer to that is to be encouraged.


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